5 Smartest Sneaker Fashion Tips

He Guys In This Blog I am going to help you to buy the trending sneakers in 2019 and I am going to tell you the 5 smartest sneakers Fashion Tips which will help you to choose the sneakers.

The most important thing I want to tell you is When You try to buy a sneaker first Buy at lower prices. When you try to buy shoes at higher prices what will happen is that you do not have enough money to Purchase another shoe. If you are not wearing it for a gym, Then it is better to have more quantity of shoes rather then Quality. Because if you purchase an expensive shes no matter what it will get dirty or it will look like older shoes.

So checkout These top Trending sneakers To Purchase in 2019

1)Skate Shoes=This type of shoes which has a thin base, Slick design and it is the most common type of sneakers all across the world.

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2)Athleisure Style sneakers-It is a combination of Athletic and casual shoes. You can wear This Type of sneakers in Gym or weddings or casual occasions.

Atleisure Sneakers
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3)Purely Athletic Sneakers-You can Buy these types of sneakers only for gym or athletic use.

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4)Plain White Sneakers-The truth of white sneakers is that you can pair it with any outfit. It will Give You an amazing Look. But you have to take good care of your white sneakers

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Three basic color sneakers every guy must have




Sneaker Care=

You have to take good care and clean your shoes. If it’s Dirty it will spoil your appearance or ladki Bhi Nahi pategi(haha) and also wear sneakers with the loafer socks.

Pairing your sneakers=

Pairing you sneakers with shirt gives a semi-Formal look

If you want to have a Good look go for Shorts+T-Shirts+Sneakers, For getting a Stud to look you can also pair it with jacket+T-Shirt+Long Paint with sneakers and also If You try to match the sneakers with a T-shirt or Paint You will Look Chummmmah!.

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