7 Things Any Guy Can Do To Look More Attractive

Hey Guys In this Blog we are going to know about the 7 Things any Guy can do to look more attractive and how to be more confident So buckle up and read carefully.

1)Try a new Hairstyle:

I Will Always encourage You guys To step out of your comfort zone. Try new things up, Switching your hairstyle. You don’t want to be that guy that has the exact same hairstyle for 10Years. You have to try out different Styles to see what looks best on your face. Find some photos online to get some tips.

2)Get The Right Skin Products For Your Face:

Find out what type of skin do you have and get the right skin Products For you. Most men Don’t know what type of skin do they have it is oily Type or Dry Type skin or is it a combination. So how would guys know what product To Buy if they don’t know, What kind of skin do they have, if this is you .you need to start to take better care of your skin starting today and I am here to help YOu

If Your face is shiny or it appears to be a little greasy type during the day or you have a pimple or acne. So now you know that you need to buy a facewash that will erase your oiliness away that will suck it away.

If Your Face is Dry or has a Dry Skin then You need a moisturizer product that will make your skin look fresh and smooth.

3)Wear Glasses:

Glasses Makes Your face looks a hundred times better. You can try out different glasses according to your face cut you can check it online on a website like lenskart.com

4)Stop Always Wearing Sneakers:

I am not saying that sneakers are bad it is the most trending type of footwear at this time. but always wearing the same sneakers on every occasion it looks bad. If you are wearing gym sneakers at a wedding or occassion you are doing it wrong it spoils your looks. Even though sneakers are more accepted now then they were before, It doesn’t mean you should be wearing them all the time. Just try different boots like Chelsea boots or formal shoes experiment or even if you were to go for a classic pair of like black or white leather Sneakers that looks way better then just workout sneakers.

5)Whiten Your Teeth.

I Don’t know you guys but one of the hottest things in guys is to have a super clean white tooth that represents your class and your cleanliness. To have a Nice Smile Your teeth obviously need to look clean. You know but better yet they need to be shiny white. Early it was very costly to whiten your teeth Because you can only go to the dentist to get it Done. Now though there are so many different ways to Whiten your teeth right at home and they are super affordable. Teeth whitening materials are now available at medical or drugstore or pharmacy.

6)Change Your Workout Routine:

When You First Starting Working out. You Know you are doing it Right. You notice Your body is changing. But Then After a while, you stop losing fat or gaining.

So Change your workout routine set a new Goals, Set a different challenge for yourself, Stay Motivated and hungry for more things up and you are gonna see results instantaneously.

7)Get A Leather Jacket:

One of the worst things that people I hear people say is oh I can’t wear one of those you kidding me. I can’t pull it off. I can guarantee you can pull it off. If you just try. It is such a great piece to complete a badass outfit. It is perfect for a date or even for the daytime.

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1)Try a new Hairstyle

2)Get The right Skin Product For You

3)Wear Glasses

4)Stop Always wearing sneakers

5)Whiten Your teeth

6)Change Your workout routine

7)Get A Leather Jacket

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