10 Easy habits that make men more attractive

What’s Up, Everyone. Welcome to the men’s fashion blog.I’m sure we have all seen that it the guy who’s always well-Dressed everyone likes him and it always seems like he has his shit together.

Well in this Blog I am going to give you tips on how to become one of those Guys with these 10 Easy habits so read Carefully.

1)Layout Your Clothes Before You Go to bed:

I know you are thinking about how is the annoying habit that our parents used to tell us to do when we are kids going to make us more attractive.W’ll we all have those days where we hit the Snooze Button and sleep a little bit too much. We were running a little bit behind or we’re having a bit off an off morning.

The Last Thing you want to worry about which clothes you are going to wear even if its college or work. You want to make sure you have everything nice and ready for tomorrow that includes making sure that your shoes are clean, Your shirt is ironed and having your socks ready with your accessories, Picked out the night before. If you have a meeting the next day or date or maybe you are just going out with boys.

This is Gonna make sure that you look your best the next day this little extra attention to this detail will put you ahead of everyone else to make sure that you look at your best all time.

2)Take Care of your Skin:

Remember you guys skincare is a daily thing the sooner you started the better the result. So start now it is meant to keep your skin look Young, Clean and Fresh. Then it’s not something that you can just easily fix after the damage is done. Look at the men like john Stamos, George Clooney, George Clooney, Robert Downey Jr they somehow look better with each passing birthday and if you think that daily skincare routine doesn’t have anything to do with this way you are off genetics will definitely play a role but the majority of the time-conscious daily actions of washing and moisturizing your face and wearing sunscreen that will help us men look young for a long time plus as a teenager.

You should strive to have clear skin, No pimples, those spots, nosy anything like that so make sure you develop a skincare routine that you can do every single day.

3)Give People your full Attention:

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It is something that not too many people do anymore, but very very important to give people your full attention. Put Your phone down look them in the eye, nod your head, when they’re talking know let people know that they have your full attention. There are so many distractions nowadays right you have ads, social media around us.

When Somebody pays attention to what they are saying it just means so much and you shouldn’t just do this when you are on a date. You should do this every day with family, friends and everyone who’s around you.have your phone facedown on the table and just give someone your full undivided attention and guess what looking people in the eye have a certain Deduction character to it. So do it and you will look more attractive instantly.

4)Being in Charge:

If you take charge of any situation it makes you look more attractive. Whether it’s making really tough choices or picking up a restaurant that you and your girlfriend are going tonight being in chargable is attractive it shows people that you are a leader. The biggest reason why the being in charge is so attractive is that it means that you are a problem solver this goes for work, Families, and relatives everyone around us feel safe and secure.

5)Body Language and posture:

Learn to use the right body language and posture. You can be the most stylish guy in the room.you can have the most expensive watch and suit or you are the CEO of a million-dollar company. But if you have hands in your pocket and you are slouching no one is gonna take you seriously, always walk with chest out and be confident walk into the room and knowing that you are amazing.

6)Being Positive:

This is the most attractive habit that every Alpha leaders have, we all know that the negative people or friends we have in our circles are the energy suckers there is a reason we don’t like being around them they bring us down. we like people who lift us up and bring positive energy into our lives. I am not saying that you need to be constantly happy and overly energetic because first of all, that’s kind of creepy and second of all it’s probably not realistic but it is sexy to be positive in all situations.

The secret to being positive is “Never finishing a sentence on a negative notefor ex: I have this problem but guess what I am gonna figure out how to overcome it, instead of I can’t beleve it this happens to me this sucks.Be a positive person. Because this gonna get you more jobs and friends and more success and allow you to live you a better life overall.


If you don’t have a time for a gym For exercise, you don’t even need a gym membership,if you go play a basketball with your friends or, if you go swimming or for a running or dancing it all counts as a exercises as long as your body is moving you are gonna feel the results almost immediately and note only you are going to look better but also you are going to feel healthier . It’s gonna fix your posture and it is going to Remove your stress it has so many other instant benefits.

8)Get a hobby:

Have you ever talked to someone right and you get to know that they are a guitar player or a skydiver or a dancer or a black-belt in jiu-Jitsu and that will definitely make you think that this guy is really cool by getting a hobby you become more interesting and you start showing off more personality through these hobbies whether it’s drawing or cooking or a skateboarding these things are unique to you and they are interesting to everyone else and no one can take that away from you.

Not only this going to make you a more interesting person, when you are being sociable and talking to other people. But also hobbies makes you happier. Because you are actually, genuinely enjoying doing that activity and that is attractive.

9)Having Good manner:

If you say a simple please and thank you to a people, It makes people like you and it is also shown that you are grateful. So don’t limit it to just to your close friends or your family or your girlfriend, say it to stranger,say it to everyone around you people really judge you based on how you treat others and trust me if you are on a date with a girl and she is definitely interested in knowing how you are going to treat her friends or family.

So if you have a good manners that are way to go being a man with a good manners is what gives off confidence, warmth and kindness and girls are really into that being a well-dressed men is great right it’s one thing,but being a well-dressed men with a manners is what takes you from handsome dude to a classy and sexy mofo.

10)Having a good morning routine:

Imagine this for a second you are out and you are meeting new people you get home and you look in the mirror and you are gonna congratulate yourself on having an amazing day and you suddenly notice that your nails are dirty or long or hair is coming out of your nose due to this your confidence will go down. So set a day of the week, where you clip your nails your beard, and get a haircut and do a complicated task in the early morning.


1)Layout Your Clothes Before You Go to bed

2)Take Care of your Skin

3)Give People your full Attention

4)Being in Charge

5)Body Language and posture

6)Being Positive:


8)Get a hobby

9)Having Good manner

10Having a good morning routine

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